Reblog if it is 104% okay to come to your ask and just say ‘Hi can we be friends’ and then start asking you random questions.


pretty much ya 

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Yes I want to be inbred, have a receding hairline by 17, have very bad acne, oh and have a strange affinity for fucking animals.



Yet they’re the privileged ones..

Being a Jew, you get picked on A LOT more than a black person, and that's a perfect example that complexion doesn't matter (Leo Frank Case) I like what you're doing, raising awareness, and I'm thinking about doing that for the Jews of Tumblr. Thanks









0/10 terrible message please don’t message me again especially not to make literally no sense, say a bunch of baseless things with no connections  and then “complexion doesn’t matter” because that’s the biggest bullshit untrue fallacy fable fib fiction lie what was the point of even sending this..? :((((( What do you want from me? what did you want me to answer to this shit

Are they serious right now??


Leo Frank is their reason why Jews are more targeted than Black ppl? Lynching primarily targeted Black folks. Come on now… Everybody knows that except this ignorant.


I’m going to have to ask that non-Jews stop talking about Jews because I’m getting a terrible headache.

Firstly, not all Jews are white, so these blanket statements are false an unhelpful. And secondly, Ashkenazi Jews might have white privilege in some places like the USA, but definitely not everywhere. We’ve been considered “other” for a good 2000 years throughout Europe, and a genocide that wiped out 2/3 of our people in the continent didn’t do anything to alleviate that perception.

OP is an ass, but can we please stop ignoring Jewish history to make these points about intersectionality?

But here in the US, they have primary control, power over and profit of the image of Black folks in the media, across all mediums. So, excuse us for considering our context.

Leo Frank was from New York and lynched in Georgia. Don’t start bringing up international shit when we talk about antiblackness in America.